Local Businesses

The City of Lod deteriorated significantly in recent decades while struggling to cope with rapidly changing demographics, lack of community integration, municipal instability and rushed urban planning. 

In recent years however, renewed interest in Lod and the Old City area has created new opportunities for economic and social initiatives. Jindas has emerged as a catalyst for these efforts as part of a broader urban regeneration program. 

Previously, local residents with the interest and skills necessary to start their own businesses felt discouraged from doing so. Jindas works to provide resources to entrepreneurs, while also empowering local communities to turn their unique resilience and talents into sources of economic advancement and financial security.

Entrepreneurial Committee

Focusing on individual households and broad scale economic development, Jindas acts as an advocate for investment in the city, specifically the Ramat Eshkol and Neve Yerek neighborhoods, and prioritizes the interests of Lod’s residents and local entrepreneurs.