Join our Interdisciplinary Professional Team

Despite a number of previous attempts to drive major social and economic change in Lod, few programs were effectively implemented or produced their desired impact. Jindas has demonstrated that viewing its target area as a whole is key to guiding successful urban regeneration. 

Creating sustainable development in Lod will require the knowledge and support of a professional multi-disciplinary team with expertise in:

  • Tourism

  • Urban regeneration

  • Real estate

  • Education

  • Archeology

  • Architecture

  • Business development 

These professionals consider all aspects of physical and community design in preparing an overall master plan that can be implemented across Lod's communities. 

Jindas is always looking for more professionals to join our interdisciplinary planning team. If you are interested in contributing your talent and experience to Jindas efforts, fill out a volunteer form below with "Interdisciplinary Professional Team", as well as any relevant background information, and your message.