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Avital Blonder, CEO & Founder

Avital holds a Mandel social leadership MBA from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. She founded the “Derech Lod” community, previously established and managed the student branches of “Pa’amonim,” and worked at the Moses & Wolfowitz Foundation. Avital participated in the social leaders track of the "Kolot" study groups, and is active in a variety of organizations dealing with education, equal rights, promoting dialogue between Jews and Arabs, and strengthening civil society in Israel.

Ayelet Shamir, Assistant to CEO

Ayelet holds a BA in English Literature and Linguistics from Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan. Prior to working at Jindas, she was the office manager for the Abraham Fund Initiatives. Ayelet is passionate about advancing coexistence and shared community in diverse neighborhoods and promoting multiculturalism in Israel. She is also an avid activist for animal rights.

Yifat Ben Yehuda, Economic Development Coordinator

Yifat completed her BA in Computer Science at Bar Ilan University and her Masters degree in Technological Design at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. In the past ten years, Yifat was the Business Development VP in Comply LTD. Prior to that, she founded and managed issue CS company, which supplies solutions to staff expansion plans in the Hi-Tech sector. In addition to her rich business experience, Yifat is passionate about promoting social issues, especially expanding economic oppurtunties for weak community in pursuit of a more just society.

Aulfat Abu-Ibn Altouree, Community Development Manager

Born in the City of Lod, Aulfat is Criminology and Communications graduate of the Unisa University and a certified Real Estate Advisor to the Ministry of Justice. Currently studying towards a graduate degree in Education at Beit Berl College, Aulfat was previously an executive manager of real estate consulting for Anglo-Saxon and held various other positions in the company over a 14 year career there. Aulfat’s social involvement began as an active member of the Scouts of Lod and she later volunteered in various local organizations including the Young Mothers of the City of Ramla.

Maha Shinawy, Early Childhood Coordinator

Maha Shinawy, Early Childhood Coordinator, was born and raised in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Lod, Israel. She is the mother of four wonderful children and a well known and beloved community leader. By profession, she is an elementary school teacher, with a specialization in science and mathematics. She currently teaches elementary school children at the Al Amal school in Ramle. However, Maha goes above and beyond her role as an educator for her community-she also cares for and facilitates sessions for child victims of domestic violence. At Jindas, she is the principle coordinator of activities and programs at Bayit Ham, Jindas's after school program for at-risk youth. Maha's dream is to create a warm and loving environment for all the children in her community who lack a safe and caring home.

Mor Deitch, Public Participation Coordinator

Mor earned a first degree in Social Work from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev and an MBA through the university’s social leadership program of the Guildford Glazer Faculty ofBusiness & Management. She previously worked as a community organizer with the Housing, Community, and Law Clinic at Tel Aviv University and as a coordinator of the legal department at “Koach L’Ovdim.” Mor was a project manager for Breaking New Ground in Community Development, an EU Partnership for Peace initiative, and served as co-founder and chairwoman of “Osim Shinui,” a national student movement working to improve the status of social workers in Israel.

Ingudai Lakatchau, Community Coordinator

Raised in the village of Undelaf, Ethiopia, Ingudai immigrated to Israel with her family at the age of 16 and lived in the town of Qiryat Gat for almost two years before moving to Lod. She spent eight months in a formal ulpan Hebrew instruction program but otherwise learned much of what she knows through lived experience. Ingudai worked at a bakery, as a guide for children with special needs, and volunteered for Menifa, an organization providing services to youth at-risk. She joined Jindas and Mosaic: Lod Multicultural Center in 2016 and believes in working to end racism, such that each person will accept one other without any judgement based on appearance or background.

Yigal Bar Shalom, Resource Development Manager

Yigal is a native Hatzor HaGalilit in northern Israel. He received his first degree from Tel Aviv University, is a licensed attorney, and has many years of experience in resource development for a wide variety of leading NGOs in the fields of education, youth with special needs, Holocaust survivors' rights and others. A strong believer in community-based local development, Yigal understands the importance of empowering individuals to make real change in their immediate environments.

Betty Soibel, Intern

Betty Soibel was born in Rehovot, Israel to a family of Russian olim and grew up in Los Angeles, California, where she was active in Jewish community work and environmental activism. She recently graduated from the Joint Program between the Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University in New York City, where she studied Jewish History and Urban Studies. During her summers in college, she worked as a Rosh Ayda at Eden Village Camp, a pluralistic Jewish summer camp focused on farm-to-table living and social action. Throughout college, she also interned for  PresenTense, Hazon, and Food & Water Watch, which gave her the opportunity to explore non-profit work in the legal and public health sector. She is interested in sustainable place making, social change, and relationships between American and Israeli Jewry.

Board Members

Itai Pinkas

Itai is a City Council member and former chairman of Tel Aviv Shafdan (Wastewater Treatment System). Founder and CEO of “Derech Poriah” specializing in projects of urban regeneration and environment, Itai is socially active in various organizations promoting equal rights for minorities in Israel and environment.

Elie Barnavi

Eli is an Associate History professor at the Tel Aviv University a Scientific Director of the Museum of Europe, and a diplomat. He served as Israel's Ambassador to France between the years 2000-2002. Elie is socially active in a variety of initiatives dealing with education, equal rights, promoting peace in the Middle East and dialogue between Jews and Arabs.

Irit Heyman

Irit holds a BA in Economics and Management from the Technion and a M.A in Geography and Urban Planning from Hebrew University. Irit was a program manager at JDC Israel and development manager at the international fellowship of Christian and Jews. Irit is socially active in a variety of initiatives dealing with Urban Planning, eradication of poverty and the specialization of the third sector in Israel.

Michal Lester-Levi

Michal is the CEO of Wikimedia Israel. She was the manager of the Centers for Young Adults in the JDC Central District and manager and founder of the Weinberg Lay Leadership Center at JDC Israel. She is a former Chairwoman of the Association of Women and Their Bodies, and a social activist in organizations that promote social change with an emphasis on gender equality and promoting dialogue between Jews and Arabs in Israel.

Shira Fiegelson

Shira holds a Masters in Community Social Work from the Hebrew University. She manages an employment program of the “Beatzmi” association and formerly managed the Lod municipality’s mediation center for five years. Shira is a resident of Lod and a social activist in the field of mediation and promoting dialogue between different communities in Israeli society, as well as eradication of poverty.

Lior Benisty

Lior is one of the founders of “ReLod” Project – aiming to establish student communities in Lod. He was formerly the chairman of the Student Association at Oranim and a founder of Kesem- Promoting Environmental Protection. Lior is a Lod resident and a member of the Derech Lod community. He is also a social activist involved with various organizations promoting education, volunteerism, and the civic engagement of all communities in Israel.

Yair Ilan

Yair holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Shenkar University. He is the founder and partner of CliniClicks Ltd and Tipulog Israel Ltd. Yair worked as a business consultant in a variety of organizations including the Jewish Agency, Mati, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. He is a social activist in organizations engaged in immigrant absorption, ensuring equal opportunities for the disadvantaged, and promoting affordable housing in Israel.

Yafit Haiken

In her former position as the coordinator of the Community Track at the Academic College, Ashkelon, Yafit built a new social and community organizing skill building program with a staff of five professionals and over seventy students. Yafit holds a Master’s degree in social work from Bar Ilan University and now serves as Director of the Shikma Community Center in Ramat Gan.

Advisors and Mentors

  • Farag Abu Farag: Community leader and Lod City Council Member

  • Amin Aljamal- Head of Alrashadia School & “Citizens Building Communities Organization” Mukhsen Al-Sekh- Arab Community Leader in Lod

  • Faten Alzinaty- Director, "Mosaic: Lod Multicultural Center" (formerly Arab-Jewish Chicago Community Center)

  • Zvika Aran- Founder of “Midot,” and Director of project “929-Studying the Bible Together”

  • Avinoam Armoni- Former Chairmen, Israel Association of Community Centers

  • Shamay Assif- Former Director of Planning Administration, Israel Ministry of the Interior

  • Ilan Devries- experienced media content producer, and former Director, Jerusalem Cinemateque

  • Ami Dror- Co-founder, Avatar Ventures and Zaitoun Ventures

  • Tamar Gavrieli- former Head of Strategic Planning Department, Tel Aviv Municipality

  • Forsan Hussein- Former CEO, Jerusalem YMCA

  • Haya Jamshi- CEO, The Shahaf Foundation

  • Sara Kramer-Founder of “Ir Amim”

  • Zeev Landau- Head of Israel Drainage Authority

  • Yael Moriah- Founder and Partner, Moria-Sekely Landscape & Architecture

  • Eilon Schwartz- Founding Director of “Shaharit”, and founder of the Heschel Center

  • Gali Sembira- “Shaharit” Fellow and former Organizational Director of “Shitufim”

  • Alon Shavit- Head of the Israeli Institute of Archeology

  • Varda Shiffer- Former President, The Mandel Foundation, and Van Leer Institute Fellow

  • Martin Weyl- Founder of the Hiriya Park, and former CEO of The Israel Museum

  • Ran Wolf- CEO, Urban Planning and Project Management LTD. (based in Tel Aviv)


​Many valued partnerships, both within the city and far beyond it, make it possible for us to reach our goals. First and foremost, we work in close coordination with the Municipality of Lod, which sees us as a key partner in the city’s development. Additional partners include: